In Defense of the Tele

By Will Yannacoulias - North Sask Music Zine

Our very own frontman Seth Peters contributes to this collection of interviews, talking about his experience and with the famed Fender Telecaster and how it has contributed to the music Elephant Seal creates.


How Flat Sounds - Compilation Vinyl

Featuring Fear to Fly

We are honored and ecstatic to have been invited to participate in this project with Stumbletown Distillery!  Support local artists who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and hear some incredible music while you do! Head to Stumbletown to get yourself a copy of this rare prairie gem, or click on the "BUY" link below to order online!

Proceeds go to Sask Music, an organization dedicated to supporting Saskatchewan musicians

North Sask Music Zine Article

Authored by Mark Allard-Will

Read a review of our music, the release of new single "Fear to Fly", and how we have been working to create and connect throughout the pandemic.

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